Do you need an Employment Agreement? Partnership Agreement? Sales Contract? Commercial Lease or License? We can help you prepare almost any legal document you might need to run your business – from distribution contracts to shareholder buy-sell agreements – tailored to your specific business needs.

Services We Provide

After 25 years in the business world as in-house counsel for a major corporation, I know that business people hate to wade through oceans of legal “gobbledygook” in order to figure out what a contract really means. I draft contracts that are clear, concise, and readable, while fully protecting your rights. I also provide guidance so that, if necessary, you will know how to negotiate those terms in a way that will protect your rights, without sacrificing your ongoing business relationships. Some examples of the type of contracts we provide include:

  • Employment contracts, including Intellectual Property Assignments, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s), and Non-Solicitation Agreements
  • Sales and Distribution Agreements
  • Commercial Leases
  • Licensing Agreements, including End User License Agreements (EULA’s)
  • Website Development Agreements
  • Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements
  • LLC Operating Agreements

We offer package flat rate fees for many of these services, or reasonable hourly rates. Call 888-465-6551 or email us at if you need a contract tailor-made for your business needs.

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